Ministry Tech Help

Your ministry tech support.

Simplifying tech solutions,

helping ministries focus on the Gospel.

What is Ministry Tech Help?

We serve Gospel-centered ministries with their tech-related needs to free them to focus on what matters most: spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Examining challenges, brainstorming together, to create simple, sustainable, and head-ache-free solutions - ideally at no cost.

To learn more about how we offer services at no cost, view our Mission page

Ways we serve

  • Website Creation & Maintenance

  • Live-streaming setup and training

  • Donor Management & Bookkeeping Solutions

  • Custom Software & App Development

  • In-House Equipment Setup & Troubleshooting

  • General Computer/Device Help & Repair

  • All-around Tech-help, Staff-Training & Support


If your ministry is involved in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you have a tech-related need, We want to help you.


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