Our Mission

One of our primary ministry goals is to help save valuable time and money.

The idea behind MinistryTechHelp.org was formed by seeing a standard set of needs, repeatedly arise across Christian Ministries. The tech-related solutions for those needs are commonly underutilized or poorly implemented due to a lack of expertise, time or budget.

The average missionary or pastor is not gifted in getting electronics to work as they should. Neither are they skilled in website creation/maintanence, nonprofit administration, or even troubleshooting a computer.

Typically, that leaves three optional solutions to these types of everyday needs: Pay someone else to do it, struggle to do it themselves, or don't do it at all. That is where we come in, to provide free expertise, tools, and training.

The time saved from struggling to learn or implement a technology would be better spent invested into the people and work of that ministry.

Most Christian ministries are nonprofit charities by definition. Money saved from outsourcing their tech-needs would be better spent towards advancing that ministry's goals.

Every dollar and every hour has real value, and it is our responsibility to spend as wisely as possible.

Matthew 10:8 "...Freely you received, freely give."

There are tools and services available to registered nonprofit charities at a discounted rate, sometimes even for free. We can use and offer them to our clients. Our team's time spent and services rendered are donated voluntarily. Any tools or services that cannot be obtained for free will be provided at or below cost, zero-cost being the goal.

Our desire is to serve other ministries by freeing them from headaches and waste, allowing them to remain focused on spreading the Great News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.